A Beginners Guide To Pitching To Brands

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A Beginners Guide To Pitching To Brands

Do you want to start pitching to brands for collaborations on your blog but:

  • You're not sure where to start?
  • You don't know what brands to pitch to?
  • You don't know what to say?
  • You're worried they'll say no or not confident in your work?

This eBook is 100% for you. In this Beginners Guide To Pitching To Brands, I guide you from the beginning to the end and help you:

  • Figure out who to pitch to
  • Work through the negative mindset that you might not be good enough
  • Draft your own pitches - based on my own successful past pitches
  • Understand what you need in your media kit
  • Establish package deals to offer brands
  • Learn what to do when your pitches don't go to plan

And more!

Within the eBook, you'll also be receiving 4 worksheets, a pitching template, 2 of my own real-life pitching examples, and affirmations.

I've had a lot of success (and failure!) with pitching to brands. I've tried and tested everything under the sun. But my current system has given me the MOST success - and I'm excited to share that with you in this eBook!

Any problems with the content or the download? Email me at jenny.in.neverland@hotmail.co.uk and I'll get back to you ASAP!

As this is a digital product, I am unable to offer refunds.


"This eBook has taught me so many little tricks I never picked up on before! I cannot wait to start implementing these tips. My favourite section was being able to read through real life examples of pitching to brands. It gave me a better understanding of the key information to include. The little worksheets throughout the eBook are so helpful and I will be printing these all out! Full recommend to anyone looking to up their blogging game and work with brands." - Amber Page

"This guide has given me the confidence, and structure, to put forward some of my plans. The clear guidance has given me belief in myself that pitching isn’t out of reach. If anything, to stop waiting around for things to happen and grab them.

This guide has provided a step-by-step process in helping me prepare and know what to expect when it comes to working with brands. It doesn’t matter what your niche is, you can apply what you learnt for anything you cover on your blog." - Pages of the Moone

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A Beginners Guides To Pitching To Brands eBook

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A Beginners Guide To Pitching To Brands

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